This is what you might call ‘blog-ception’ – if ever such a thing existed!

I was thrilled to be asked by my friend and colleague, and also fabulous author, Chris Penhall to join her for a chat for her ‘Talking to my friends about books’ series.

Whenever we see each other in the office we also end up nattering about what we’re reading, so it was lovely to be able to chat to her about my favourite novels.

We talk about the 25th anniversary of Bridget Jones being released and about the ‘chick lit’ genre and why that term gets a bad rep. I’ve been wanting to write a blog about that for a little while, in fact I have a draft version of it saved, but it was good to be able get Chris’ thoughts on it too.

You can have a listen to our chat below and find out more about Chris’ series and her books on her blog here.

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